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Why Cartier is worth investing in

Investing in jewellery is a creative and fun way to increase your net worth more quickly than simply saving and jewellery from brands such as Cartier may increase substantially over time as pieces become harder to find. According to ‘Watch Time’ magazine, Cartier, Rolex and Patek Phillipe are some the top brands for investment and jewellery can provide many years of enjoyment as its value rises when taken proper care of.
According to True Facet, the Cartier Love Bracelet entered the market in 1970 for $250 and today retails for a whopping $6,600. One determining factor for this is the security of gold investment. While precious stones and other metals may go up and down in worth, gold doesn’t usually fluctuate. The best investments are items made from 18 karat gold and above.

Another reason to invest your money in Cartier pieces is that vintage Cartier is only getting rarer. The house buys back and gets rid of some of their older pieces in order to retain the jewellery’s value.
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